Penomet Benefits and Results

Penomet benefits and results, is it really worth the money?

The Penomet has been one of the biggest selling penis pumps to date, it has become just as popular if not more popular than the Bathmate penis pump, the Penomet was developed to do several things that include making your penis bigger, increase blood circulation and improving erection  quality, I love to interact with my facebook friends and I often receive questions on my page about the Penomet, what it does and if it is, in fact worth the money.

I have tried just about every penis enlargement device on the planet, just like I have tried just about every piece of gym equipment in most gyms, I believe that if we can, we should improve every aspect of out physical being, be that better health, more knowledge, and sure a bigger penis, why not? Penis pumps have been prescribed more and more by Urologists because they know they can offer men long term penis health.

Photo of Actual Penomet Benefits and Results

The Penomet has been around for several years and through its development, even before its official release it was tested by real users who provided feedback to the company on how they could improve results and make it better, once perfected and released it has gained popularity amongst men of any age because of its affordability, effectiveness, long-term support and warranty policy. => Learn more about the Penomet

How to use the Penomet

I am not going to say that every man desires a bigger penis, but there are many that do, if you have been on the fence about purchasing a penis pump I will explain how the Penomet works, the benefits, and what kind of results you can expect.

Most conventional penis pumps use a plastic cylinder with an attached hand pump that can make using them kind of awkward, the Penomet implemented something completely different that uses a gaiter system, instead of a hand pump you use different colored gaiters that are easily interchangeable to increase pressure, in fact, the Penomet is one of the few pumps that offers an easy to use exercise guide to help maximize your gains.

Penomet Pressure Gaiters

Using the Penomet is a simple 6 step process

  1. Attach one of the supplied pressure gaiters to the end of the Penomet cylinder
  2. Fill the cylinder in the bath or shower with warm water
  3. Insert your penis into cylinder and pull back till flush with pelvis or groin
  4. Pull back and forth using a pumping motion until desired pressure is achieved
  5. Keep in place fro 15- 20 minutes
  6. Use pressure valve to release pressure

As you can see using the Penomet is a simple process, as far as session times some men prefer doing 2 back to back 15 -20-minute sessions, the important thing is that you pump at least 4-5 times per week, I personally pump 5-6 times per week when I can.

Penomet benefits and results

One of the advertising claims of the Penomet is “noticeable results after your very first use” this is no lie! After you use the Penomet for the first time you will notice immediate swelling of your penis,  it will be both thicker and longer, the very first time I used it the results were incredible, even my wife was like WOW! the swelling only lasts for a few hours and then your penis will begin to shrink back to normal, after a couple of weeks those results will remain permanent, the longer you pump the bigger your penis will get.

Stronger erections are also very noticeable after only a few days, this is because when you pump, your penis is getting more blood, the more blood your penis holds the stronger the erections become. You can also expect more frequent erections at night, as men age it seems that poor blood circulation reduces night-time erections, the Penomet helps reverse these symptoms improving sexual pleasure and stronger ejaculation.

How big does your penis get with the Penomet

This will vary from one man to another, on average most men will gain up to 2 inches in length and 30% more in thickness, however, I have known guys claiming 2.5 inches, some slightly more, a lot will depend on how often you pump and how consistent you are.

Measuring tapes with different lengths

Is the Penomet worth the money?

If you want a bigger penis it is most definitely worth the money, Penomet sells three different models, the Penomet standard, extra, and premium, the standard is their entry level product and only comes with one pressure gaiter but if your intentions are to use it along with another enlargement method the standard might be sufficient, otherwise if the Penomet will be your main device for Penis enlargement I would strongly recommend at least purchasing the Penomet Extra which comes with 3 pressure gaiters, one of the benefits of the Penomet is that if you do buy either the Penomet standard or the extra you can always upgrade later by paying the price difference.

Where to buy 

I have seen the Penomet sold on sites like Amazon and Ebay but if you buy from them there is no way you are guaranteed a legitimate product my recommendation is to buy from the official Penomet website, this will ensure you receive a legitimate product plus you will be entitled to the company’s 3-year warranty.

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