Penis Pump Benefits and Why You Should Be Using One

Penis pump benefits and what you should know

Clear Penomet shown for Penis Pump BenefitsPenis enlargement is one of those topics that many men are reluctant to discuss, even among friends, many are unsure how they measure up while others may wonder how they compare to the average penis size, the sad part about all of this is that most men are reluctant to do something about it, this is really unfortunate, if they only new about the many penis pump benefits, they would probably purchase one.

Old school mentality

If you would have talked to me a decade ago about the benefits of penis enlargement, I would have probably rolled my eyes in the back of my head, I myself was a little slow to open myself up to the possibility of increasing the size of my penis, in the past, there were many dry vacuum pumps that did not offer any benefits and they would often cause more pain than anything else, most of the old style vacuum pumps were used to help men suffering from ED “erectile dysfunction”,  dry pumps were developed to increase blood into the penis until it was erect,  you would then slide a rubber ring to the base of the penis to maintain the erection so you could have sex. These dry pumps still exist, but there are now better ways to achieve an erection.

Penis pump benefits are many, and some of them are overlooked, most new penis pumps use water, they are also known as hydropumps, they are much more effective and offer so much more than increasing the size of your penis.

Before I explain more about penis pump benefits let me explain how they work, a penis pump increases blood flow into the penis, in this case I am referring to the Penomet which uses water to build up pressure, using different gaiters regulates how much pressure is supplied to the cylinder, when you pump, it forces more blood flow to the spongy chambers called the “corpora cavernosa” and “corpus cavernosum” these two chambers hold blood within the penis, forcing more blood into those chambers has several benefits, just like any other organ,  better circulation improves the overall health to that specific organ or muscle. => Click here to learn more

Penis pump benefits at a glance

  • Increase penis size
  • Improve erection quality
  • Improved ejaculation
  • More pleasurable sex
  • Straighten a bent penis “Peyronie’s disease”
  • Increase the girth ” thickness” of the penis
  • Prevent early symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • Help prevent symptoms of premature ejaculation

The above are just a few, but very important benefits of using a penis pump, when you pump for the very first time what you will experience is a bigger and thicker penis, this is just the beginning of penis pump benefits, pumping over an extended period of time you will begin to notice some or all the benefits mentioned above, erections will become much stronger, your penis will become longer and thicker and sex will become better with improved sensation.

Realistic expectations

One of the biggest questions men ask is how much bigger will a penis pump make their penis, on average most men have seen up to 2-2.5 inch increase in length and 30% increase in thickness this will vary from one man to another but besides bigger penis you can expect much more sexual pleasure and very strong erections.


As you can see penis pump benefits are many, and most are very affordable and very effective, if you are still not convinced you may want to take a loot at some of the pros and cons of the Penomet which can hopefully answer other questions you may have about this effective method for making your penis bigger.